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to your living room.

In the midst of the corona crisis, we decided to take the digital path more resilient than ever. After all, the pigeon sport is an age-old sport that cannot be beaten by a pandemic. It is crucial to choose the right pigeons in time to strengthen your loft. That way you are ready for the next breeding and racing season. That chance we want to continue to give you as a pigeon-fancier, even though there are no more fairs this year.

We have thought with the entire team about a way in which we can bring our qualitative range of pigeons to you. This is how the idea arose to organize virtual fairs. We show you with a live video our qualitative pigeons from head to toe. Every virtual fair, different pigeon strains will be offered so that every fancier will certainly find the pigeon that fits in his loft.

Stephan Descheemaecker says: “It is indeed not quite the same, but we all adapt to this times.” On Saturday, November 7th, we held our first virtual fair and it was an instant hit! With more than 500 registered participants, a lot of positive reactions and 30 5-year old pigeons sold in less than 48 hours, we believe in the future of these virtual fairs. We will see you at the next virtual fair!


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View the fair

On the day and time of the virtual fair, go to your personal link that you received after registration.

For about half an hour we show you a series of pigeons, one by one, from ring number to eye and wing. We will give a little explanation on the construction of the pigeon, the strain or other interesting facts.

The time of the virtual fair does not suit you?

No problem! Unlike a physical fair, it is not too late for you! Care that you are registered so that you will automatically receive a link with the rebroadcast. That way you can look at the time that suits you best! Please note: the pigeons come online immediately after the live fair. If you watch the broadcast a long time after the live broadcast, that one pigeon may already have been sold.


Buy pigeons shown

After the virtual fair, the pigeons shown will be placed online on our website. There they can be purchased. As soon as they have been bought by someone, the pigeons get the status “in option”. This way no pigeons can be sold twice and first is first!

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