In addition to our ELITE pigeons, we house more than 30 breeds in 660 compartments. We provide between 10,000 and 13,000 pigeons. Nowhere in the world so many racing pigeons are professionally cultivated in one place.

During recent years, we have further optimized our pigeon population by means of a strict selection. We additionally developed a Short-distance Loft, formed by breeding pigeons from a series of leading Belgian speed fanciers. This way we are meeting the increased demand in pigeons for all distances.

For the lovers of small and great middle-distance we have consequently invested in Koopman pigeons. For fans of the long-distance and great long-distance many pigeons of the Dutch champion ‘Ko van Dommelen’ joined the Descheemaecker Pigeon Center.

Depending on the period of the year, the following pigeons are available for sale:

  • youngsters
  • yearlings
  • 5-year-old breeders

Young pigeons (weaning age)

Our youngsters are delivered at weaning age (25 to 30 days). This way you can choose whether or not to let your pigeons fly.

You can order our youngsters starting at € 40 (without full pedigree) or starting at € 70 (with full pedigree) per youngster. A certain selection of young pigeons are delivered exclusively with pedigree (starting at € 70).

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Yearlings (at least 9 months old)

Our yearlings are at least 9 months old when they are shipped and ready for breeding. The yearlings meet our quality standards of a prospective breeding pigeon.

You can order our yearlings starting at € 70 (without full pedigree) or starting at € 85 (with full pedigree) per yearling. A certain selection of the yearlings will only be delivered with pedigree (starting at € 85).

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5-year-old breeder

Our 5-year-old breeders have bred for 5 years at the Descheemaecker Pigeon Center and were therefore subject annually to our quality standards of good breeding pigeons during the selection.

You can order our 5-year-old breeders starting at € 70 (without full pedigree) or starting at € 85 (with full pedigree) per 5-year-old breeder. A certain selection of the 5-year-old breeders will only be delivered with pedigree (starting at € 85).

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