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1. Applicability

This website is managed by Descheemaecker Pigeon Center BVBA, with registered office at Raymond Delbekestraat 165, 2980 Zoersel, hereinafter referred to as 'DPC'. The conditions of use of this website can be found below in detail.

By using this website you declare that you agree to these terms and conditions. The Descheemaecker Pigeon Center can change these conditions of use at any time, and the amended terms and conditions are valid from the moment they are published on our website.

Do you disagree with these conditions of use? Then we ask you to leave the website.

2. Liability

The DPC composes the content of this website with the greatest care. Nevertheless, the 'DPC' cannot guarantee that the content of the website is correct, up-to-date and complete. Neither are we responsible for any errors or malfunctions in the operation of the website.

The information on this website has been included in good faith, but is only intended for general information purposes. If a reference to products or services is found on the website, then that will by no means be a guarantee that we sell or deliver that product or service.

The 'DPC' is therefore not liable for possible damage of any kind, both direct and indirect, that you would suffer as part of the visit to our website. The same applies to visits to other web pages via a link on our website.

We are therefore not responsible for any malfunctions, viruses, interruptions or errors in the network.

3. Links to other websites

In various places on this website you may be offered automatic links to other websites, in addition to our own information. This may happen for example via a hyperlink, banner or button. The 'DPC' does not necessarily have a connection with these websites or with their owners. We are therefore not responsible for these other web pages, nor for the information that you find on them.

4. Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights of this website belong to the 'DPC' or to the companies that are linked to us, or they were incorporated with the permission of the respective owners.

These intellectual property rights also include the copyrights and / or trademark rights on all texts, photographs, drawings, logos, visual and audio material, software and other materials that could be covered by an intellectual property right.

It is forbidden to use the content of this website in whole or in part without explicit and written permission from the 'DPC'.

After obtaining this permission you may only take over the information from the website for informative, non-commercial and personal purposes. By 'taking over' we mean: printing, downloading or distributing part of the website. Note: you are obliged to include the following statement in all copies: ‘Copyright © Descheemaecker Pigeon Center. All rights reserved’. Are you in doubt as to whether your use of the information meets this condition, then mail your question to

5. Personal data and privacy

Are you about to enter your personal data on this website? Please carefully read our privacy statement first. This document applies to the processing of the personal data you provide us with.

6. Questions and complaints

The 'DPC' wants your visit to our website to run smoothly. Do you have a question or a complaint about the website? Do not hesitate to contact us via or write a letter to Descheemaecker Pigeon Center BVBA, with registered office at Raymond Delbekestraat 165, 2980 Zoersel.

7. Online transactions

Offering the payment option on the web does not constitute any guarantee from the 'DPC' that this system is flawless, without malfunctions, interruptions or errors. The 'DPC' is not liable for any damage, directly or indirectly, suffered by the execution of the payment orders on the web.

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