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In the past decades the Descheemaecker Pigeon Center has delivered around 1,700,000 pigeons worldwide. The Descheemaecker family and the employees are therefore proud of the fact that the Descheemaecker Pigeon Center is the oldest and largest breeding station of racing pigeons in the world. All our activities have one common element: the pigeon always takes centre-stage. This focus is important for us so that we can fully utilize our years of experience and expertise and that our customers may reap the benefits.

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Breeding of ELITE by Descheemaecker pigeons

The core activity of the Pigeon Center remains of course the continued development of a breeding and improvement centre of pigeons for the collection of the exceptional Belgian genetic material, as well as the maintenance of rare, mainly Belgian breeds. Thanks to a number of bred pigeons, the Pigeon Center will also develop a training and selection centre so that pigeons can be made available to every pigeon fancier, both the skilled professional and the social enthusiast. They can in turn participate in training flights and races.

Publishing magazines Duifke lacht - Pigeon rit

Since November 1929 the Descheemaecker family has published magazines in various languages. Duifke lacht and Pigeon rit are no strangers among the pigeon fanciers. Through this magazine, available in Dutch and French, pigeon fanciers are informed 12 times a year about the ins and outs of pigeon racing. The Descheemaecker Pigeon Center is the responsible publisher and commits itself to continue this activity in its current form and in addition also digitally. Digitisation will be part of a detailed marketing plan. Moreover, the magazine will always be provided with professional visual material so that word and image do full justice to our pigeon racing sport.

Permanent exhibition on pigeon racing

The Descheemaecker Pigeon Center is privileged to have a permanent exhibition space at its disposal to make the history of pigeon racing tangible. Next to a beautiful collection of pigeon clocks, all kinds of unique pieces are exhibited. Silent witnesses of the history and evolution of the pigeon as a courier, soldier and racing pigeon. Furthermore, the covers and entire magazines of the predecessor of Duifke Lacht and Pigeon Rit are beautifully displayed.

In addition, visitors can get acquainted with the living room of the Janssens brothers, which is permanently set up there. Outside are the original lofts of the Janssens brothers, a true gem to visit. The collection is appreciated both at home and abroad!

Making pigeon racing more accessible

The Descheemaecker Pigeon Center is fully committed to an upgrade and rejuvenation of pigeon racing. The goal is to convey the passion for pigeons to young and old. Means for this include the development of an experience centre, communication through traditional channels, but also through some new ones such as social media, webinars or the organization of seminars. Unknown is unloved. Today, pigeon racing in Europe is mainly a sport practised by older people who have often not transferred their passion to the younger generation. In 2018, however, the latter are more and more open to authentic elements in their life: minimalism and the ‘less is more’ motto, environmentalism and the enjoyment of an outdoorsy lifestyle, etc. In this sense we want to encourage young people and young adults to check out pigeon racing. Through a good mix of naturally inherent elements from pigeon racing and the digital world, Descheemaecker Pigeon Center will bring the pigeon sport closer to the people again.

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