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We have chosen for you with the greatest care some promising pigeons that reinforce each loft.

Youngsters Meulemans - Choco

** For youngsters gender is not guaranteed. From mid-August to mid-January, there are no youngsters from 4 to 6 weeks available.

Yearlings Meulemans - Choco

Meulemans - Choco

  • Karel started with the pigeon sport at the age of 12
  • the basis of the Meulemans strain goes back to 1961 when 5 pigeons from Jos van den Bosch from Berlaar were purchased
  • various collaborations (combinations) known: Wouters-Meulemans (1969-1975), Meulemans-Mariën (1976-1980), Meulemans-Damen (since 1981)
  • by the death of Frans Mariën, all pigeons, including some in bis, were sold in auction
  • was robbed of his top pigeons in 1986 and 1987
  • national long-distance champion in 1999 and international winner Saint-Vincent 2014
  • characteristic of some Meulemans pigeons: chocolate color
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