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We have chosen for you with the greatest care some promising pigeons that reinforce each loft.

Youngsters Janssen Bros

** For youngsters gender is not guaranteed. From mid-August to mid-January, there are no youngsters from 4 to 6 weeks available.

Yearlings Janssen Bros

Stockbirds Janssen Bros

We also have special performance pigeons available under the name ’ELITE by Descheemaecker´.

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Janssen Bros

  • most famous Belgian pigeon strain in the world
  • became famous for the performances of their pigeons by thousands of pigeon-fanciers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany
  • Schoolstraat 6 in Arendonk became pilgrimage site for the pigeon-fancier
  • Henri Janssen (1872-1949) had seven sons and two daughters with his wife Pauline
  • the brothers: Fons, Frans, Charles, Adriaan, Louis, Vic and Jef learned the breeding of pigeons from their father Henri
  • the living room, the breeding loft and one of the racing lofts of the Janssen brothers are on display at the Descheemaecker Pigeon Center as a tribute to the family and the strain
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