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Dirk Van Dyck

The phenomenon of Zandhoven became known in 1996 through the famous 'Kannibaal', 005/95, 1st national ace pigeon KBDB middle-distance 1996. This is one of the rare champs that has left its mark on modern pigeon racing worldwide. Hundreds of winners in small and large associations are closely related to this famous "Cannibal".

A distant descendant of the 'Cannibal' is 'Di Caprio', at that time the champ sold by Leo Heremans from Vorselaar. 'Di Caprio' gave Dirk top pigeons with several hens, including the well-known 'Olympic Niels', Olympic pigeon in Nitra Cat A. This 'Olympic Niels' currently lives in the lofts of Zandhoven to become a new super breeder. Of course we could not stay behind when refining our ELITE breeding loft and we were able to lay hold of children from 'Olympic Niels', 'Blauwe Kannibaal Junior', 2 times 1st provincial and a full sister of the 8th national ace pigeon KBDB middle-distance.

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