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Our ELITE-selection Etienne Meirlaen

We have chosen for you with the greatest care some promising pigeons that reinforce each loft.

Etienne Meirlaen

Etienne Meirlaen from the East Flemish Deurle has during the past decade been one of the best long-distance and very long-distance pigeon fanciers in international pigeon racing.

He won, among other things, the “Golden Wing” of the Bruges Barcelona Club, international Narbonne, national Cahors and three times the 1st national ace-pigeon extreme long-distance. In 2014, Etienne attracted all the attention by winning the 1st and 2nd prize national Pau. This prompted us to buy a full round of his 2015 youngsters, as well as three children from his famous breeding hen 'Yelena'. The 2017 track record was again overwhelming and once again confirmed the quality of his pigeons.

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