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Our ELITE-selection Co & Piet Verbree

We have chosen for you with the greatest care some promising pigeons that reinforce each loft.

Co & Piet Verbree

  • father Co and son Piet race together and are complementary to each other
  • the foundation was laid with pigeons from the brothers de Wit from Koudekerk aan den Rijn
  • two basic cocks were obtained from M. Doornekamp from Amersfoort (pure Janssen pigeons) and one basic hen from Louis Van Loon from Poppel
  • their basic pigeons are regularly crossed with good pigeons from other lofts
  • in 1984 all breeders were stolen from the loft
  • “Olympic Orlando” won gold in the all-round class at the Olympiad in Cape Town, South Africa
  • winners Gouden Duif Netherlands in 2016 and 2017

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