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Pair an ELITE cock with an ELITE hen yourself in their own breeding box. Select the cock of your preference here.

Pigeon from breeding pair

Breed youngster from pairs.

Co & Piet Verbree

Father Co and son Piet Verbree from Putten in the Netherlands have a colony on a human scale with very fast pigeons whether it is speed, middle-distance as great middle-distance. The readers of our magazine "Duifke Lacht" know Co Verbree as a chronicler with "a different view" on the pigeon-sport. Their honors-list is decorated with numerous Olympic pigeons and national titles. In addition, they won the Gouden Duif Netherlands twice in a row (2016 and 2017).

The Descheemaecker Pigeon Center introduced one son and several grandchildren of basic pigeon "Limo", two children "Anita", daughter "Limo" and 1st best hen of the Netherlands WHZB, one child "Marchino", son "Limo" and 1st best cock of the Netherlands WHZB etc.

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