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Our ELITE-selection Ad Schaerlaeckens

We have chosen for you with the greatest care some promising pigeons that reinforce each loft.

Pigeon from breeding pair

Breed youngster from pairs.

Ad Schaerlaeckens

  • for decades a very successful pigeon-fancier in both the Netherlands and Belgium (combination Maegh-A.S. in Rijkevorsel)
  • had a top couple in the nineties with “Mattens”, NL 2310369/1991, and “Sisi”, B 3206088/1988
  • highly appreciated columnist
  • author of a book about the Janssen brothers from Arendonk
  • successful in the 21st century with newly introduced pigeons and in particular with the of spring of the “Ad”, 6251541/2010, 1st national ace-pigeon middle-distance K.B.D.B. at the loft of Marcel Wouters
  • many succeeded with his pigeons

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