Worth your visit!

During the annual open days in February and March, every enthusiast can visit the Descheemaecker Pigeon Center and visit the exhibition space.

If you wish to visit the permanent exhibition and the breeding lofts as a group, we ask a contribution of €7,50 per person (with a minimum of €75) for a tour of 1.5 hours

In addition, we can offer you the following formulas:

For more information you can always contact our employee Nicole Devree at the following phone number: 03 383 08 31 or by mail at info@pigeoncenter.be.

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The living room of the Janssen Brothers at the center of the new exhibition.
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The cozy and spacious reception room with all the facilities where visitor groups are received.
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You experience the pigeon sport through a combination of panels, objects, images, listening horns with stories and sound.
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Mural at the entrance.
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