Pigeon racing heritage

Descheemaecker Pigeon Center is privileged to have a permanent exhibition space at its disposal to make the history of pigeon racing come alive. In the meanwhile the heritage of pigeon racing has always been well preserved here for at least 20 years.

Next to a beautiful collection of pigeon clocks, all kinds of unique pieces are exhibited. Silent witnesses to the history and evolution of the pigeon as courier, soldier and racing pigeon. Furthermore, the covers and integral magazines of the predecessor of “Duifke Lacht” are nicely displayed.

In addition, visitors can get acquainted with the living room of the Janssens brothers, which is permanently set up here. Outside are the original lofts of the Janssens brothers: a real gem to visit. The collection is appreciated both at home and abroad! In December 2017, for example, the living room of the Janssens brothers was flown in to one of the largest pigeon fairs in Asia: DBA Asia in Nanjing. Thanks to careful preparation, the Asian pigeon fancier could also enjoy this unique collection!


Origin of the collection

The flying start of the permanent exhibition in Sint-Antonius-Zoersel happened on February 1st, 1998. The pigeon museum was officially inaugurated by Noël Descheemaecker and his sons Frans and Joseph Descheemaecker. In the past years, the collection has been continually expanded by items that have been donated.

Originally, however, the museum was located in La Garde Freinet in the south of France, about 1,200 km from Sint-Antonius-Zoersel. After all, it was in that specific French municipality that the second breeding station was established and where young pigeons from the winter breeding were brought. The underlying idea was that the growth of these youngsters would be improved by the softer climate. Frans Descheemaecker started his collection of the history of pigeon racing there and so people on holiday in the south of France could also get acquainted with the pigeon racing culture.

When it was decided to centralise the breeding of pigeons in one place, the museum was also transferred to Sint-Antonius-Zoersel. All pieces were carefully packed and shipped from France. The biggest piece was undoubtedly the French army truck, which is currently still on display.

Do you have any pigeon clocks or other props?

Your piece in the exhibition

The Descheemaecker family believes it is important that the history of pigeon racing is kept as complete as possible. Maybe you still have a prop at home that is eligible for the exhibition? You can contact us freely through publishing@pigeoncenter.be. with a description, if possible the year and a number of photos of your object. We will then contact you and make an appointment to see if the object is eligible for inclusion in our collection.

Moreover, it is possible to temporarily exhibit your piece in the exhibition space with your name attached. We will also be working with temporary exhibitions or themes in the near future. If you prefer not to separate with your piece, but would still like to share this with other pigeon fanciers, we can together check out the possibilities for a temporary exhibition.

Greatest plans for the Descheemaecker Pigeon Center.

Future meets past

For full justice to be done to all the different pieces, the Descheemaecker family is fully committed to plans adapting the exhibition space. The aim is to let visitors experience the heritage of yesteryear even more than is possible today. Story lines will be created, new interactive elements will be added, investments will be made in special cabinets and additional exhibition space that guarantee the preservation of the historical pieces. A number of items will also be digitised so that the younger visitors can experience the history of pigeon racing in their own way. As soon as the plans have been realised and the works have started, you will be able to follow these developments through social media!

Our annual open days in February and March.

Worth your visit!

During the annual open days in February and March, every enthusiast can visit the Descheemaecker Pigeon Center and visit the exhibition space.

If you wish to visit the permanent exhibition and the breeding lofts as a group, we ask a contribution of € 7,50 per person (with a minimum of € 75) for a tour of 1.5 hours

In addition, we can offer you the following formulas:

  1. Arrangement Short-distance: 5 € / per person for a cup of coffee or tea + a piece of cake
  2. Arrangement Middle-distance: 7,50 € / per person for a cup of coffee, tea, or 2 soda drinks/beer + a piece of cake
  3. Arrangement Long-distance: 15 € / per person for unlimited coffee & tea , 2 soda drinks/beer + a piece of cake & 3 sandwiches or pastries per person

For more information you can always contact our employee Nicole Devree at the following phone number: 03 383 08 31 or by mail at info@pigeoncenter.be.

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